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About us and contact details.
About us and contact details.


Welcome to our home page! 

We are a small British publishing company whose aim is to publish unusual, stimulating and entertaining books. These may be fact or fiction, providing they satisfy at least one and preferably all these criteria.

We also develop and publish learning texts under contract and provide 'ghost writing' services to both individuals and organisations. For further information about these services (briefly outlining your specific requirements) email

Please note that we are not currently accepting unsolicited book manuscripts, unless submitted by a recognised agent. Agents should also make initial contact by email to establish our interest.

The Ultimate Quest (published in 2001) came to an end on 30 June 2011.

Although based in the present, the background to the book draws upon well-established historical fact. Ultimately, it reveals the truth behind one of the world's great legends. Pre-dating The Da Vinci Code, The Ultimate Quest  is the search for the Grail. With a number of layers to the story, it kept readers worldwide occupied and confounded for more than a decade.
New readers continued to buy the book even after the quest had ended and some 'entrepreneurs' have been offering secondhand copies for sale online at 3x the original cost! We (and the author, William Lynhope) are happy to take this as a compliment.
William Lynhope recently had a new book published, although not by ourselves. We are pleased, however, to provide links to it from our website. It is available worldwide from all major online booksellers. Either Google Alpha to Omega, William Lynhope to find all links and references or visit the author's blog about the book

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About us and contact details.
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